VIDEO: 3 Days in a Mentally Ill Life


Founder of Millennial Girl, Interrupted, a senior in a small Connecticut high school. I've been through many treatments and recoveries and am eager to share the lessons I've learned!

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Below is a video I made documenting 3 days in my life. I discuss panic attacks, PTSD, anxiety, dermatillomania, and my eating disorder. If seeing tears is unpalatable to you, steer clear, but otherwise I hope this is informative and offers good insight!


2 thoughts on “VIDEO: 3 Days in a Mentally Ill Life

  1. That was really interesting. Although we don’t have a lot of overlap in our mental health issues (I think the only thing we share is an eating disorder), I was certainly able to commiserate with a lot of the more general struggles of day-to-day living with mental illness. From a technical note, I thought the video was well edited. I’ve just started doing YouTube videos instead of my WordPress blog with the intention of being more recovery oriented and I’m noticing stuff like that everywhere now. I think it’s like buying a new car and then seeing that make and model all over the place for a while. Anyway, great video. You’re going great. Keep it up.

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