Update: Relapse

Hi all. Quick update. I’m going to be taking a brief break from the blog. The premise of this blog rests upon the idea that I am recovered enough to give good insight. Recently, I tried to hurt myself. Very fortunately, I failed. There’s a long article to be written about that experience and my…


A freshman philosophy major at Temple University, I've been through many treatments and recoveries and am eager to share the lessons I've learned!

Sorry for the hiatus, folks, and a million thanks to Katie for lending her talents to the site in the meantime. If you haven’t read what she wrote a few days ago, go here to check it out before reading this. Truth be told, the hate comments got to me a little more than they…

On Coping Mechanisms: A Safe Haven Called Stars Hollow

Anxious Bunnyrabbit, Ltd. Reverse the stigma one healthy conversation at a time. #mentalhealthmatters

When the real world is too much to handle and I find myself needing to soothe an onslaught of anxieties, or if I’m simply in need of some familiar background noise, I escape to a special place in my heart called Stars Hollow. It, of course, is not a real place, but the fictional town…

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