Update: Relapse

Hi all. Quick update. I’m going to be taking a brief break from the blog. The premise of this blog rests upon the idea that I am recovered enough to give good insight. Recently, I tried to hurt myself. Very fortunately, I failed. There’s a long article to be written about that experience and my…

The College Process

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Hi, my name is (also) Olivia and I’m here to talk about college and my freshman year experience. My first semester of college was cut short by a week because of a trip to the Crisis Response Center at Pennsylvania Hospital – that’s like the emergency room for mental health. Luckily, I was not hospitalized…


A sophomore at NYU, I've been through many treatments and recoveries and am eager to share the lessons I've learned!
Latest posts by Olivia (see all)

Sorry for the hiatus, folks, and a million thanks to Katie for lending her talents to the site in the meantime. If you haven’t read what she wrote a few days ago, go here to check it out before reading this. Truth be told, the hate comments got to me a little more than they…

On Coping Mechanisms: A Safe Haven Called Stars Hollow

Anxious Bunnyrabbit, Ltd. Reverse the stigma one healthy conversation at a time. #mentalhealthmatters

When the real world is too much to handle and I find myself needing to soothe an onslaught of anxieties, or if I’m simply in need of some familiar background noise, I escape to a special place in my heart called Stars Hollow. It, of course, is not a real place, but the fictional town…

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