My future plans

This break’s been nice. It’s truly exhausting to put things out onto this website, knowing that a handful of people from my old school will likely comment something negative and/or hateful. I have only good things to say today, however!

This fall, I’m going to be attending Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. I’m on as full of a scholarship as the school can give, and I’m in the Honors College. I will be studying political science and philosophy, though I’ll probably change my mind a few times. I have three lovely roommates who I’ll be staying with. I’m happy as a clam about it.

I chose Temple for a few reasons. My primary rationale is probably how much I love the Honors program there. I attended an Honors orientation and found the intellectual atmosphere and benefits to the program to be unbeatably appealing. I roamed a campus that felt like home, toured the Honors dorms that felt like home, too. The individualized attention that I’ll get through the Honors College, while getting to enjoy the benefits of a big school with infinite resources, WHILE paying barely anything, makes an offer I can’t refuse.

Why am I studying what I’m studying? I am pre-law, which just means that I plan on going to law school. They say that you should study what you love in order to get the GPA that a prestigious law school requires. I’ve chosen the areas of study that I’ve loved all my life… and I’ve chosen the undergrad price tag that would make law school even conceivable.

When I get out of school, I hope to be a public defender. In fact, that’s the only area of law practice that I’d enter into. I detest the typical law firm, tending to the upper echelon of clientele while fattening their own pockets with bonuses, raises, extravagant homes, vacations, while the very justice system they claim to master suffocates the least fortunate.

I want to do the low salary work, the work that fights for the presumption of innocence for the mentally ill, so many of whom are simply chucked into the prison industrial complex with no way to heal or get out. Why are mentally ill white boys called sweet, unassuming, poor, while their less privileged counterparts are villainized, portrayed as older, malicious? That’s how our justice system is orchestrated, and I hope to work to combat that.

I say this all humbly, as I don’t even know if I can pass Honors Calculus 2 yet (did I mention that all of my classes are specially designated Honors, which means I get the best professors and class size of under 20?). I’ll likely flip flop between majors and decide, un-decide and decide again whether or not law school is the right path for me.

I just wanted to share my outlook, these days, with you all. I’m finally going to college! It’s been two long years since all of my friends went. It’s my turn, now! 🙂

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