Some silly reflections on my life, state and future

  1. I have one of the best dads in the world.

  2. I have some of the best friends in the world.

  3. Some very unusual things have happened to me, some of those unusual things being traumas.

  4. Those things are not normative and I will not encounter repeats of those events, of the people who have hurt me in unusual ways, in my life.

  5. If I somehow do, or if I experience lesser versions of those traumas, which is likely, I have my family, friends, relationships around me to boost me back up.

  6. People actually read this blog! I just rely on the little counter on the side to tell me how many people have come back more than once, and I know it’s been climbing, but it’s a whole different story to have people come up to you and say they read the blog or, even more deliciously, take issue with how they’re represented. I only speak the truth and I’m so glad it’s been received so well, especially lately.

  7. I’m a good writer, or at least a relatable one. No, actually, the bare minimum I can say to this effect is that I write on topics that will garner readership, say nothing of my actual writing skills.

  8. My actual writing skills are pretty good. I have a somewhat conflicted memory of winning a Scholastic award and jumping out of my seat and running straight to the room of my English teacher, who’d sponsored me, to tell him. I got in disproportionate trouble for running out of class but it was worth it, and I’ll never forget that validation of my skill, nor will I ever lose the plaque they sent me.

  9. I am capable of thinking that I am good at something. See, I’m a good writer!

  10. I’m also a good listener. I’m perceptive. I can talk with people for hours and hours at a time and barely miss a beat. Lately, I’ve been having long, serious, thoughtful conversations a lot with people who are dear to me. I can stay in the game well. I’ll be a good lawyer.

  11. Speaking of lawyers, aren’t they the worst? I’m gonna be different. I’m gonna be sticking up for the little guy, say nothing of what I’d be making, if anything significant.

  12. I wanna start studying for the LSAT yesterday, but that’s because I have a tendency to jump the gun a bit when it comes to easy, preliminary prep for something which will actually take a lot of serious preparation that I will have to sacrifice my soul to complete.

  13. Apropos of nothing, I feel better these days. Maybe it’s because I’m free of any and all toxic and abusive relationships. Maybe it’s because I’ve replaced them with new and old, better ones. Maybe it’s because my therapy is kicking into high gear. Maybe the weather is just better for me. Maybe that’s a placebo and I’m really just getting better at taking the advice of my family and therapy.

  14. Finally, working off of that last bit, I will not be told how to write my blog, or what not to write about. My friends and family agree with me on this bit, and I couldn’t be more proud of the truth that I splay open for others via this website that I’ve worked very hard to cultivate. Vive la millénaire interrompu!

This is a picture in which I feel good about myself because it’s my turn, now.


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