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Relics of Cries for Help: An Old Reddit Post


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Yes, I’m on Reddit. Yes, I’m a bit ashamed. I like to feebly remind folks that Serena Williams’ (husband) invented Reddit, so it can’t be all bad! I originally joined it a few years ago to follow the conversation surrounding my favorite TV show, and one of the only I watch, Survivor. I recently used it to follow college admissions advice and journeys. Somewhere in the middle, however, I used it to cry for help.

I was in a relationship for 2 years that was abusive in all of the ways. I don’t talk about it much; I find it’s much easier to survive when it’s shoved to the bottom of my headspace. Counterintuitive though that may sound, it’s therapist approved.

Anyway, I want to show you all what I wrote, today. Towards the end of the relationship, one I eventually fearfully broke off, I made a long Reddit post asking for help. It was immediately flagged for mention of rape/abuse and not permitted to be publicized, and I didn’t follow it up with another one, but here it is.

I’ve blacked out information that is either too personally sensitive and/or humiliating, or information that is too identifying or personal, on his end.

I hope this serves as a good reminder that people all around you are asking for help and wanting better for themselves, and it’s important to learn the signs of a struggling person.

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