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VIDEO: Re: Shane Dawson and Eugenia Cooney

If you don’t know who Shane Dawson is, he’s a very famous Youtuber whose vast amount of subscribers check in on him to see long, expose style mini-documentaries on relevant internet topics. Most recently, he did a video titled “The Return of Eugenia Cooney.” It’s really excellent and I recommend you watch it, it’ll give a background on Eugenia and the whole situation. In short, Eugenia Cooney is a Youtuber famous for her emaciated frame and unwillingness to admit to having an eating disorder. This year, she went and got help in rehab and, now checked out, she is telling her story with Shane Dawson.


I did a quick, reaction style video to this video, including some of my own story. Hope it’s of interest and yes, it’s in focus this time!!



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