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Message to my Past Life: Leave Me Alone

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I’m fed up. I’m having an amazing time at Temple. I just broke some novice records at the debate tournament I finished today. After getting up at 7:00 to beat three teams from NYU, I headed home, ready to nap. Instead, I saw that my abusive ex, K, has a girlfriend who made yet another fake account to access my Instagram account.


This has been ongoing for months. I have asked her and her best friend- the girl who called me a “narcissistic bitch and a liar” on this blog, a real charmer clearly- to stop on many occasions. They, particularly B (his girlfriend), promise to stop, citing OCD and helplessness over the matter and promising to do better. At first I was sympathetic. I have OCD too, I reasoned, so I should understand where obsessive checking comes from.


However, as time went on and fake accounts (probably about a dozen at this juncture) continued to be made, I grew more frustrated. I asked them many times to stop accessing my Instagram, and despite promises not to, they would continue to. I was so puzzled.


“Why are they doing this?” I’d sob to my therapist. “Why do they care so much about me?” I would obsess over whether or not they’d seen something, agonizing about whether or not to make my accounts private. For multiple reasons they aren’t, but most importantly, even when I was private they made fake accounts to follow me.


I have a geo-location tracker associated with this website. Every day, multiple times a day, regardless of how recently I’ve posted, they check the website.


They are obsessed.


Believe me, I get what obsession feels like. My OCD is duly severe. But I draw the line in my compulsive behaviors when they begin to hurt others, and that’s exactly what I’ve conveyed to these girls that they’re doing.


Today I’ve had enough.

Audreykaplan567 is merely one of B’s pseudo names. Another is marxwheeler67. Another is katie1j8. All traced back to these two girls. I could go on for many more.


B made another fake account today. She appears to relish hurting me, and being called out emboldens her. She claims to know everything about me from my abusive ex, which makes sense. His hubris is such that he would claim to know everything about me, and the devil loves company.


What do I ask of you, oh you two who read this blog? Leave me alone. B and Briana, you need to stop. Move on. Seek therapy for your obsession with me. This is embarrassing for you and hurtful for me. I expect very little out of you- after all you’re dating my abusive ex, and always wanted to date him, respectively- but this is cruel.


Move on. Leave me alone. Get hobbies, friends, real lovers. Have a life outside of me. This is urgent.





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