Holiday Gifts for Mental Health (2020)

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I’m sorry, okay, I know there’s only a week and a half left to conceivably purchase and receive these gifts, but I was aghast when I realized that I hadn’t put out a Christmas list for this year yet, and I thought it would be a good little addition to the slew of things I…

Light in the Darkest of Times: An Unquiet Mind and Ideal Love

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Hey all! In light of my transfer I want to share an essay I wrote in my Honors Meaning of Madness class. I got a 100(???) on it and I think it’s relevant. Take it with a grain of salt, sometimes I write out of my ass, but maybe it’s good. ————————— “Be thine own…

COVID and Other Thoughts

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It’s been a while, and to exemplify how long it’s been, I present to you: the new result when I type the letter “m” into my Google Chrome search bar! Yes, I’ve been playing The Sims and neglecting my responsibilities mightily. And yet, by some miracle, I have transferred from Temple to New York University,…

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