Loneliness (Through the Lens of A Social Butterfly)

To crave connection with others is only natural, in most cases, and such connection also happens naturally, for many people.  Social relationships form every day, strengthen over time, and may weaken or break, leading to new ones — a glorified cycle.  However, many of us, myself included, struggle to continually form relationships and socialize, especially… Continue reading Loneliness (Through the Lens of A Social Butterfly)

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Parenting Mentally Ill Children: Part 1

In the ages-old clash between nature and nurture, when it comes to mental illness, there is no right answer. Mental illness is often genetic; I’ve been asked by every doctor I’ve ever seen about family history of mental illness. Almost every disorder, too, is at least somehow affected by a person’s upbringing, from infancy to… Continue reading Parenting Mentally Ill Children: Part 1

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The Extroverted Couch Potato

Salutations, dear readers. Katie here. Because our fearless leader here at Millennial Girl, Interrupted is a generous human who strives for inclusivity and a variety of perspectives, I will be guest writing on this fine blog (hopefully more than once). Below, I hope to shed some light on my personal experience with anxiety and to… Continue reading The Extroverted Couch Potato