VIDEO: I Dated a Sociopath

I filmed this last summer but I’ve gotten enough distance from it to realize its storytime value. It’s like an hour long, don’t feel like you can’t skip around. All names and identifying details are changed. This is my wacky story. Advertisements


Coronavirus and Contamination OCD

I know I’m not the only one feeling the effects of the recent global Coronavirus pandemic, despite not having technically been personally touched by it. I know that many folks out there actually do suffer from Covid19 and I’m not claiming to be suffering like they are. That being said, I want to let you…

The Kim Kardashian Test

For many years, whether or not someone liked Harry Potter was paramount to my opinion of them. If they, like some in my 6th grade Algebra class, thought it was “gay” (though it didn’t deter my years long crush on that person, for Olivia can’t reject or write people off with ease!) then I had…

The Lies I Was Told (Updated 8/1/19)

As you all know, my last relationship was very emotionally abusive. My therapist has a new theory that I was so smart and perceptive that his lies eventually grew too absurd to be kept up, and it had to collapse the way it did. Perhaps his new girlfriend doesn’t have this particular problem, I don’t…

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