poem 3, spring 2022

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The air is busy with ebullient chats Teas swirl with the latest milk, Musings trickle their way to my ears, Which sag down my bright green silk I am treated to the energy of many Engulfed by the lacking of one A distant hum barricades my head I stare at the wood grain table, as…

sestina 1, spring 2022

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Passing early, the mirror catches eyes The tide whisks and I cannot refrain Slow approaches, dainty steps and lies Simple visions, do they not contain The perfect meaning? My heart is beating Faster as my reflected figure dies Invisible hope on fingertips dies A couple of rapidly flitting eyes Shoulders cannot take the beating Rounded…

poem 2, spring 2022

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I am standing in front of a window. There is a disco ball reflecting light onto me. I reflect. My body’s been released recently, Eloped with gravity, content Each roll tumbles closer to the floor I am only twenty three, mind you! So it’s hard to see the sense in it all As light speckles…

poem 1, spring 2022

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My bait spills onto your chest, The freshness of a chilly morning confined to a tortured night, But the night is saved! And I am splayed across you, Echoing lips touch, pave the way to under your chin, I kiss you, whispering bursting platitudes Later I will text you, as surely as I gasp for…

10 Mentally Healthy Songs for Your Playlist

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I’ve put together a list, in no particular order, of songs that are good for mental health for various reasons. Whether it be the happy tune, the meaning of the lyrics, or the imagery it evokes, each song is sure to lift your spirits. I often find that music has a particular hold over my…

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