Freshman Year, Interrupted

… and with my last discussion post submitted, I just finished my freshman year of college! Of course, it’s not how I wanted its completion to be celebrated. I’m in a dark room in my grandmother’s apartment playing Animal Crossing as if my islanders’ most intimate feelings depended on it. That’s sort of how I…

2018 in Review: Mental Health, Society, and Me

This year’s been wild, hasn’t it? I hear this every year, but so many people have proclaimed that 2018 was a terrible year for them. This could be due to my own bias, for this was near the hardest year of my life, or it could have something to do with our collective societal mood….

Sharp Objects, Explained

I’m going to periodically dedicate some time to unpacking the relevance and reality of various media depictions of mental illness. For some folks, especially the younger generations, these depictions are the first exposures they have to mental illnesses. If I have anything to say about these portrayals, I’ll pass it on to you all! “Is…

Welcome to Millennial, Interrupted!

I was inspired to make this blog, believe it or not, by the National Walkout movement in the wake of the Parkland shooting. I attended a school for students with special needs: academically capable, but emotionally disabled. Most of us suffered from generalized anxiety and depression, as well as a smattering of other illnesses like…

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