Mental illness isn’t a personality trait, and it definitely isn’t a relationship maker

“Just because she likes the same bizarro crap you do, doesn’t mean she’s your soulmate.”- 500 Days of Summer I used to hate this quote. I thought that same-ness was what made two people compatible. The more the better, pile on the similarities. If myself and another person could melt into each other as seeming… Continue reading Mental illness isn’t a personality trait, and it definitely isn’t a relationship maker


VIDEO: Mental Illness Assumptions

I've made a video with a list of assumptions that people often make about mental illness, and their refutations. Below that is a brief summary of what I said. I hope it's informative! Mentally ill people are violent.So around 60% of Americans believe that there is a correlation between violence and mental illness. In… Continue reading VIDEO: Mental Illness Assumptions


Modern Love: Hospital Goggles

Some of you may be familiar with the New York Times weekly column Modern Love. This is inspired by it. There is a phenomenon known in the circles of the severely mentally ill as Hospital Goggles. The term describes the tendency of inhabitants of mental hospitals and treatment centers to romanticize their fellow patients, sometimes doctors. You’ve seen it on Survivor or Big Brother, perhaps; in… Continue reading Modern Love: Hospital Goggles


My relationship goals? Mentally healthy.

I’ve dated a robust handful of people. Some relationships were ended by me, some weren’t. Some went out with a bang, others simply petered out or ended sweetly. Some were intense and romantic, some abusive, while others were more casual and non-committal. If there’s one thing I have learned since my first “relationship” in seventh… Continue reading My relationship goals? Mentally healthy.