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Booksmart and Female Friendships

I recently went and saw the movie Booksmart and I could not possibly more highly recommend it. It’s actress Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut and it stars Kaitlyn Dever as Amy and Beanie Feldstein (yes, like from Lady Bird!) as Molly. Amy and Molly are best, tight-as-could-be, parents-mistake-them-for-lesbian-lovers (Amy is actually gay, Molly isn’t) kind of… Continue reading Booksmart and Female Friendships


Update: Gaslighting Tactics and Recovery from Abuse

I’ve talked a lot about gaslighting on this blog. Not only has it happened to me rather a lot, but it’s a common theme in mentally ill communities, whether it be the mentally ill having been gaslighted, or the gaslighting being perpetrated by the mentally ill. Whatever its origins, it’s a shockingly common and persistent… Continue reading Update: Gaslighting Tactics and Recovery from Abuse