The Philosophy of Suicide

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Please do take all I write here with a grain of salt. I’m just a philosophy major and I’ve not yet taken a class, but I do pride myself on being able to compound information and spit it out cohesively rather well, as well as being able to logic things out, so to speak, passably…

Harry Potter and the Road to Recovery

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I’ve done a full read-through of the Harry Potter series every time I’ve been in any overnight treatment. Sometimes this has meant I’ve had a week to work with, sometimes several months. I’ve always managed, and with good reason. Tucked inside the many hundreds of pages of seemingly child-geared storytelling can be found countless golden…

2 Crafty Keys to Setting Goals (and Sticking with Them!)

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Screw SMART goals. Now that I’ve gotten that years-long, suppressed, festering expression of resentment of my high school Executive Functioning Skills class out of the way, constantly maintaining goals is a crucial element of mental health. I’ve always found SMART goals to be too rigid, structured, and therefore inaccessible to be of any help to…

The Extroverted Couch Potato

Anxious Bunnyrabbit, Ltd. Reverse the stigma one healthy conversation at a time. #mentalhealthmatters

Salutations, dear readers. Katie here. Because our fearless leader here at Millennial Girl, Interrupted is a generous human who strives for inclusivity and a variety of perspectives, I will be guest writing on this fine blog (hopefully more than once). Below, I hope to shed some light on my personal experience with anxiety and to…

I’m so OCD: Anorexia and OCD

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I’m so OCD is a recurring theme. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is my primary diagnosis and I’ve noticed that there are many circulating misconceptions and misunderstandings of the disorder. I’ll be writing about different compulsions and areas within OCD’s jurisdiction, in the hopes that discussion of it will help foster understanding and compassion. Warning: some of…

Welcome to Millennial, Interrupted!

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I was inspired to make this blog, believe it or not, by the National Walkout movement in the wake of the Parkland shooting. I attended a school for students with special needs: academically capable, but emotionally disabled. Most of us suffered from generalized anxiety and depression, as well as a smattering of other illnesses like…

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