What’s Hardest About Being the Parent of a Mentally Ill Young Person? That’s really the wrong question.

On a really tough day last month, feeling nearly desperate about a major problem I was having at work, I wallowed for hours in helpless fear and anger.  Finally I reined myself in by briefly imagining that these feelings are what my mentally ill daughter goes through perhaps every day to some degree and some…

Parenting Mentally Ill Children: Part 1

Anxious Bunnyrabbit, Ltd. Reverse the stigma one healthy conversation at a time. #mentalhealthmatters

In the ages-old clash between nature and nurture, when it comes to mental illness, there is no right answer. Mental illness is often genetic; I’ve been asked by every doctor I’ve ever seen about family history of mental illness. Almost every disorder, too, is at least somehow affected by a person’s upbringing, from infancy to…

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