Stigma and Mental Health Awareness Month: A Conversation

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Mental Health Awareness Month is upon us, and the darling Katie Suss and I thought it would be fruitful to cover a range of topics related to stigma and discussing mental health with peers. There are a few bases that we want to cover, so we’re gonna do this conversation style. Katie and I are…

Anorexia and PTSD

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This week, the 25th of February through the 2nd of March, is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. It’s also the last week during which I won’t be glued to my phone, hungering for college acceptance emails, but for the purposes of this site I’m going to stick to writing about eating disorders instead of fretting…

Pete Davidson and Socially Acceptable Mental Illness

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Over this past weekend, I perceived one of my fundamental understandings of mental illness to be challenged. I watched as someone posted about their active suicidal ideations on social media, bare for all to see, and got a near-unanimously positive reaction. Every article, tweet, comment section that I read was heaping on the comfort and…

2 Well-Meaning Things NOT to Say to Struggling Friends

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In general, it’s better to say something than to say nothing at all. When I was in middle school, I didn’t understand this. I saw friends struggling in the sixth and seventh grade and I froze. I figured that if I said anything to them, they’d be triggered (this, before “triggered” was such a buzzword)…

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