Memorial Day: Veterans, PTSD and Democratic Candidates

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It’s Memorial Day! So, the day that the beach weekend is actually named after. Today we celebrate something much more important than a day in the Hamptons. It’s a day to memorialize human casualties of war. I like to celebrate this day separate from my feelings about individual wars or the military as a whole,…

6 Books That Will Enhance Your Understanding of Mental Illness

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By now, if you’re a recurrent visitor, you’ve probably seen the short list of books I keep perched on the front page of this site. If you haven’t, every book there will be on this list, so no need to click out. I thought it might be worthwhile to expand upon it, as well as…

Anorexia and PTSD

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This week, the 25th of February through the 2nd of March, is National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. It’s also the last week during which I won’t be glued to my phone, hungering for college acceptance emails, but for the purposes of this site I’m going to stick to writing about eating disorders instead of fretting…

4 Signs That You Need Psychotherapy

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I’m a firm believer that everyone would benefit from seeing a therapist. No matter how rosy our lives may seem, there is always a higher level of self awareness that we can achieve, one that can be derived from an educated outside perspective. That being said, therapy isn’t cheap. So, whether or not to see…

Loneliness (Olivia)

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I’m at my most vulnerable when I’m lonely, by far. Most of my family members are introverts, and can go long, long periods of time without needing human interaction. My sister and father are especially like this, as are many of my extended family members. My mother and I- me to an extreme- are reliant…

Reflections on PTSD: Veterans Day and Beyond

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Today is a national day of observance of Veterans Day, though the holiday was technically yesterday, November 11th. Holiday never did seem like quite the right way to describe the day, to me. It seems too positively connoted. None of my nuclear or extended family have served that I know of, so I generally spend…

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